Preventive Maintenance

“Just like cars, machines do need regular cleaning from time to time”

Printers are machines, it is necessary to provide upkeep to label printers  especially. Label dust, paper waste, adhesive will definitely build up over time.

We are here to offer Preventive Maintenance to deal with these pesky situations when needed.

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This is the scope of what you can expect from Preventive Maintenance

  • Conduct general (visual) inspection on physical printer and parts condition.
  • Check paper path. Perform cleaning the area under the ink cartridge thoroughly using clean
  • cloth and vacuum cleaner.
  • Check Belts on its tension and alignment.
  • Check pattern Rollers and remove foreign object.
  • Clean Internal and External of Printer. Remove dust.
  • Remove excess label material waste.
  • Check and align sensors.
  • Check and conduct manual cleaning on printhead and its nozzle.
  • Check overall print quality by using nozzle check function.
  • Conduct Printhead calibration.
  • Perform full system diagnostics.
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